Dear all Users of The Airline Project,

Subject: Update.

To all,

I will use this thread to update the features being implemented for the prealpha. It is meant to show progress on what is done in the game. Features will both be new features and reimplemented features from the original game

[PA5] indicates a change for Prealpha version 5 [PA6] indicates a change for Prealpha version 6 [PA7] Indicates a change for Prealpha version 7 [PA8] Indicates a change for Prealpha version 8 [PA9] Indicates a change for Prealpha version 9 Bugs

  • Fixed issue when starting a route with facilities [PA7]
  • Fixed issue when trying to start a route without airliners [PA7]
  • Fixed issue with all airports being set to international [PA6]
  • Fixed issue with tailnumber which resulted in the game crashing [PA5]
  • Fixed issue with not able to pause game [PA5]
  • Fixed issue where tailnumbers for some countries were blank
  • Fixed issue with not getting order airliners delivered
  • Fixed issue with not loading all airports
  • Fixed issue with not able to play with all airlines due to colors
  • Fixed editing of a route [PA5]
  • Fixed bug when clicking on manufacturer [PA6]
  • Fixed issue with pilots limited to a small amount of countries [PA7]
  • Fixed so the select opponents page is working as planned [PA7]
  • Fixed issue with route prices not shown correct [PA7]


  • Added first version of airline shares [PA8]
  • Added possibility of building terminals in airports [PA8]
  • Added leasing companies [PA7]
  • Added airport demand for all airports [PA6]
  • Added filtering for some of the lists [PA6]
  • Changed the way the price for airliners is shown [PA5]
  • Added editing of homebase [PA5]
  • Added planning of new routes to season starts [PA5]
  • Added inflation prices for airline fees [PA5]
  • Changed so a homebase needs a service center [PA5]
  • Updated the functionality for airport facilities [PA5] 
  • Added state flags
  • Added quick rent of slots [PA5]
  • Added remaining airlines (so no longer just the K's)
  • Implemented possibility to select specific playing continents
  • Added so AI rent slots and create routes
  • Added two new skins
  • Added correct slots groups for airports
  • Added page for calendar
  • Updated the handling of slots
  • Changed so a game can be started as paused
  • Added auto calculation of ticket prices on create new route [PA5]
  • Added possibility loading and saving of route configurations [PA5]
  • Changed the look of the mail page [PA5]
  • Added so a route schedule can be edited [PA6]

Minor Improvements

  • Fixed issues with not being able to buy airport facilities [PA8]
  • Changed so it is possible to see more than 30 routes on the routes page [PA8]
  • Fixed so discount aren't raised automatic each year [PA8]
  • Fixed reallocating from a closed airport to an opened [PA8]
  • Readded multilogos and multinames to airlines [PA7]
  • Fixed some issues with double tail numbers [PA7]
  • Added further information to the airports page [PA7]
  • Added working Exit Game command [PA7]
  • Fixed so finance pages shows values as inflated [PA7]
  • Fixed so showing of number of unread emails is shown correct [PA7] 
  • Changed ordering of airliner classes on routes [PA7]
  • Fixed so airline discounts are in percent [PA7]
  • Made a few updates for cooperations [PA7]
  • Added display of cabin crew [PA7]
  • Added the possibility of quick renting more than one slot per click [PA7]


  • Added some Tunisian names [PA5] 
  • Added some missing Carribean airlines
  • Added Express Air Cargo [PA5]
  • Added Trade Air [PA5]
  • Added GoJet Airlines [PA6]
  • Added CAAC [PA7]
  • Added China Northwest Airlines [PA7]
  • Added Airkenya Express [PA7]
  • Added Mulika Lodge Airport (JJM / HKMK) [PA7]
  • Added Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium [PA7]
  • Added 5 new Chinese Airports [PA7]
  • Added Malmö Bulltofta Airport (ESMM / MMA) [PA8]
  • Added XB-1 Baby Boom [PA8]
  • Added Air Guilin [PA8]
  • Added China Xinjiang Airlines [PA8]
  • Added Flash Airlines [PA8]
  • Added Latin American Wings [PA8]
  • Added Linjeflyg [PA9]
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